Kids Prefer Parents To Break Up If They’re Unhappy

Kids watching parents argue

Divorce is tough, especially when kids are caught in the middle. Often, their feelings get overlooked in the chaos of separation and divorce. Surprisingly, a recent study uncovered that more than 80% of teens from separated families prefer their parents to part ways if they’re unhappy, but their voices are often drowned out in the legal turmoil.

Choosing a collaborative divorce model instead of a court-litigated divorce isn’t just about you and your partner, it’s about recognizing the importance of your children’s feelings. This approach involves a team of professionals, including attorneys, divorce coaches, and child specialists, working together to dissolve your marriage peacefully without the courtroom drama.  Unlike a court-litigated divorce, a collaborative divorce keeps the details of your divorce completely private, and the process often costs less.

Kids greatly benefit when parents choose the collaborative divorce model. It allows you to maintain control over the process, addressing your children’s needs from their perspective and your unique circumstances.

This involvement in the custody arrangements is vital for the entire family’s emotional wellbeing.

Often, the court system is limited in the ruling they hand down, which often becomes a win-lose situation, but with a collaborative agreement, unique agreements can be created that keep the family unit together and the emotional wellbeing of the children at the forefront long after their divorce has been agreed upon.

Divorce coaches, mental health professionals, and child specialists act as guides, helping families navigate the challenges amicably. The collaborative approach enables parents to preserve relationships with both sides of the family post-divorce.

When facing the challenging journey of divorce, consider using the collaborative approach because it’s a commitment to creating a healthier future for your children, where their voices matter, and their wellbeing is given the attention it deserves.

Family Divorce Solutions is comprised of well-respected, experienced and collaboratively trained attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals, and child specialists who work as a team to reach a complete and satisfactory resolution for everyone involved.

Our members are committed to providing the best results possible utilizing the collaborative process of dispute resolution with the goal of keeping the family unit in tact.

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Note: This information is general in nature and should not be construed as legal/financial/tax/mental health advice. You should work with your attorney, financial, mental health professional to determine what will work best for your situation.

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