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Collaborative Mental Health Professional

Divorce Coach

The divorce coach will be there to assist in identifying the concerns of all parties, improve communication, as well as facilitate conflict resolution.

During a divorce, the emotional forces that caused the breakdown of the relationship are still present, active, and frequently worsen.  These unregulated emotions can create blocks to agreement costing the couple more money, time, and heartache than they had planned.collaborative mental health pro woodland hills ca

The Divorce Coach works to help the couple move past deadlock issues while managing the emotional content that can create blocks to agreement.

The Divorce Coach helps divorcing couples in managing the upsetting emotions that result during the trauma of divorce.  They guide divorcing couples into having productive and beneficial conversations that lead to agreements.

In addition, when these unregulated emotions take over, the children are not spared injury from the anger and retaliation.  The Divorce Coach has experience in breaking impasses and moving the process towards agreements during the divorce process as well as after the divorce to protect the family unit.

Divorce Coaches can assist in preventing damaging counter productive behavior and calm down the emotions so that the couple can think clearly, respectfully, and reasonably.  They can assist you in communicating with your former spouse, attorney, and team accurately so that your thoughts, actions, and decisions are effective.  This will allow the process of negotiating your divorce to successfully move forward.

The Divorce Coach can work with you and your family to create a parenting plan that eases the stress for the entire family while assisting you in acquiring the necessary skills to co-parent effectively.  If you have children, you will know each other for the rest of your lives.  How you divorce will set the course for how you work as co-parents with your children into the future.

Additionally, the divorce coach is there to help with parenting and child problems associated with the divorce.  It’ll include assisting the parties in understanding how the divorce is affecting the kids, developing their skills at co-parenting and setting co-parenting plans up. In a few cases, there might be two mental health experts, which include a Child Specialist and a Divorce Coach.

Child Specialist

A child specialist can sometimes be added to the team to address the specific needs of the children and will serve as an advocate for them within the process of divorce. Having an expert get to know the kids to present their needs and interests, and how they’re coping with the process, may help the children with the transition.

Divorce is amongst the most stressful and difficult events which one will experience. Many individuals will go through a broad array of emotions, which makes it challenging to think rationally and clearly. Even beneath the most favorable circumstances as the parties have a fairly amicable relationship and are both in agreement with the divorce, judgment still can become clouded. The Divorce Coach is there to bridge the gap, and help all parties beat the obstacles in reaching an efficient resolution of all the issues.

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