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Team members fist bumping over a table with laptopsA Team is stronger together!

The best results happen when you have a team that interacts collaboratively with you and each other!  It's that teamwork that allows Family Divorce Solutions to have such an outstanding success rate with their clients.

Formed in October 2011, Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley (formerly known as San Fernando Valley Collaborative Professionals) is comprised of experienced, licensed and trained attorneys, mental health professionals and financial neutrals.

Our area of expertise is collaborative divorce, which is mainly applied in divorce cases and family law. Our attorneys work with mental health professionals and financial experts to offer various levels of expertise to clients. Our goal is to get both parties together and quickly come to a solution without going to court.

Collaborative / Mediation Professionals are a TEAM

The Collaborative process saves individuals time and money as opposed to going through the court system. The Collaborative process addresses the emotional needs of the family throughout the process to mitigate the negative impact of divorce on the clients, the children and the family.

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Cynthia Todd,
President, Social Committee, Program Committee

Amy Reichenbach photo

Amy Reichenbach,
Vice President, Social Committee

Barbara ZippermanBarbara Irshay Zipperman

Secretary, Programs Co-Chair, Divorce Options Committee

Lynda Schauer,
Treasurer, Membership Committee

Christine Kerian,
Member At Large, Committees:  Divorce Options, Membership

Ty Supancic,
Member at Large, Diversity DEI Chair, Committees: Marketing, Divorce Options, Membership

Dr. James Walton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, member of Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando ValleyJames Walton,
Member at Large, Committees:  2nd Chair Marketing, Divorce Options Workshop

Darlene Wanger,
Immediate Past President, Membership Chair

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