Kids Prefer Parents To Break Up If They’re Unhappy

Kids watching parents argue

Divorce is tough, especially when kids are caught in the middle. Often, their feelings get overlooked in the chaos of separation and divorce. Surprisingly, a recent study uncovered that more than 80% of teens from separated families prefer their parents to part ways if they’re unhappy, but their voices are often drowned out in the…

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How to Share the Holidays with the Kids When Going Through a Divorce

Children opening presents on the holidays

With a bit of planning and cooperation, it is possible to navigate the holidays in a way that benefits everyone involved, especially your children. Here are some strategies that could be helpful for your family: One of the most effective strategies for shared parenting during the holidays is to split the day. This means dividing…

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Tips for a Successful School Year After Divorce

A boy and girl holding books and backpacks

As the back-to-school season approaches, divorced parents face unique challenges. This time of year can evoke a mix of emotions for both you and your children as the end of the summer often means going back to school. Here are a few practical steps we share with our clients to help them navigate the going…

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