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(one neutral from each discipline)

Legal, financial, and mental health professionals

man with arms raised looking at clouds and mountainElevated mediation is our most comprehensive mediation service offered because it includes a neutral professional from each discipline, and while the fees are a little higher for full team meetings, not all meetings require the entire team. In the end, this model is so efficient that often less time is required to complete a matter.

While most of the meetings include the full team of mediators, here are some examples of circumstances that would be addressed by single team members:

Be Heard

If a couple is having particular difficulty communicating, the team might recommend a meeting with the Licensed Mental Health Professional called a Family Divorce Coach. During that meeting they might work on communication skills, or work out the details of a parenting plan, keeping your children’s best interests in mind. All of our mental health professionals specialize in child development and are highly skilled in helping couples address parenting strategy issues and reaching agreements. When both parents have approved a parenting plan, it can be formally memorialized as a legal document prepared by the attorney for the clients to review.

Protect Your Money

The elevated mediation team might recommend that the couple meet alone with the Financial Specialist to address or explain financial issues. Understanding finances that were previously a mystery can serve to increase trust and confidence that things will be resolved with fairness and equity. Having one financial professional prepare all of the mandatory disclosures can also save you a lot of money and time and prepare you prior to any discussions regarding the division of debts and assets, you will both receive a detailed, neutral picture of the present state of all financial affairs.

Protect Your Future

Oftentimes, one of the partners does more of the financial organization or has more knowledge of the finances. The decision to divorce is often preceded by a breakdown in trust between both partners. In the long-term, it’s more cost-effective to have a neutral financial expert thoroughly explain the family’s finances to either or both spouses. The financial information compiled is then shared with the mediation team as the basis from which to start discussions concerning how to share assets moving ahead.

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