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Co-Mediation is conducted by two neutrals, usually from different disciplines such as mental health and legal, or legal and financial, but nothing would prevent a couple utilizing two professionals of the same discipline as all our professionals are expertly trained in co-mediation.

One of the benefits of co-mediation is that the co-mediators work as a team to diligently advance the case and prevent stalling of the process. The same ineffective communication that contributed to the divorce can create impasses that might cause couples to get frustrated or give up and resort to litigation in court. Adding a skillfully trained mental health specialist in the position of Family Divorce Coach, can assist a couple in communications and working through impasses allowing them to remain in cost-effective mediation.

When a mental health professional serves as a neutral co-mediator, they remain neutral, aiding the couple in practicing and preparing for how to better approach the challenging - yet necessary - discussions which happen during mediation.

If both partners require their own Family Divorce Coach, Financial Specialist and legal professionals might be a better choice of co-mediators.

If a couple has financial issues, a collaboratively and mediation trained Financial Specialist might join in as the neutral co-mediator to assist in clarifying the financial challenge being faced.

Sometimes a couple, who had previously been litigating, decides to reduce their costs and trauma by using mediation. The couple can choose one of FDS’ lawyers as one of their co- mediators to help them understand and address the legal rights and issues in California family law.

In the end, who the couple chooses for their co-mediation team will vary based on their family, their issues and their concerns, but they can be comfortable that by choosing one of our professionals, their needs will be met and their divorce resolved with a minimum of cost, time and upset.


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