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Should you Keep the Marital Home in your Divorce?

People going through a divorce might want to keep their marital home, but there are some vital considerations before making this decision. What’s the Financial Impact? Think about the financial impact of keeping your home after divorce.  A home is an asset which costs money to maintain and keep every month.  Costs like insurance, mortgage, […]

5 Reasons Why Collaborative Divorce May be a Good Fit for You

Kevin Chroman of Family Divorce Solutions discusses the benefits of Collaborative Divorce which allows divorcing couples to proceed in a dignified manner, addressing issues such as child custody, support and alimony, division of property and all other aspects of divorce. Kevin has been in practice for over 15 years and has been a member of FDS […]

The Collaborative Process Offers LGBTQ Clients More Support

Historically LGBTQ people have not been recognized by the court system nor treated well by the judicial system when recognized. Even though same-sex couples can marry today, many are still hesitant to go to court when getting a divorce. The collaborative divorce process can assist these couples by keeping them out of a courtroom. Many […]

When a Child Refuses to See One Parent Following a Divorce:  Intensive Intervention Models

Angela Bissada,Psy.D. I often receive calls from parents or family law attorneys asking that I see a child and a parent for “reunification,” “reconciliation,” or “facilitative” therapy.  The caller usually describes a situation in which, following a divorce, a child has refused to see one parent and expresses a clear preference for the other.  The […]