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All of our professionals are expertly trained in mediation.

Traditional Mediation is conducted by a mediator able to ensure that all of your documents are carefully drawn up and filed in compliance with the laws in California. As a result, all signed agreements from our mediation process are as enforceable as any that result from a litigated case.

Because the role of the mediator is neutral, it is suggested that divorcing partners independently consult with mediation-friendly lawyers.

We recommend utilizing consulting lawyers who are experienced in mediation and committed to the process of mediation, instead of adversarial in their approach to a case which is how traditional litigated cases are handled. At FDS, we have a list of mediation-friendly lawyers to choose from, or you may choose one on your own.

The benefit of choosing a mediation trained lawyer is that they actively avoid causing needless tension, distress, and expense - they will avoid unnecessarily sabotaging the mediation process by pushing litigation.

The professionals at Family Divorce Solutions can guide your family through a divorce process that is respectful, private, and cost effective. You are never alone. Call us to learn more.

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