What is Nesting and Should We Do It During Divorce?

Father, Mother, and child under roof

As you both think about your future post-divorce, you may be concerned about how the two of you will parent your children in separate households – what will that look like, and is it possible to co-parent effectively in your situation? When you choose the collaborative divorce process, both you and your children will be…

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What Are the Steps to a Collaborative Divorce?

Husband and Wives hands folded on top of a divorce decree.

Collaborative divorce is a holistic process that could be cost-effective and less time-consuming and dissolve your marital union amicably and peacefully. When couples opt for a court divorce, it is often highly contentious, costly, emotionally charged and not to mention time-consuming. This divorce process can publicly expose sensitive family information, such as financial or emotional…

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What is Co-Mediation?

Woman holding card that says mediation

Co-mediation is often helpful when couples want to avoid court or adversarial litigation and opt to separate using the collaborative divorce process. Not only can marital partners work together in an amicable way using the collaborative divorce model, but they will also have access to various divorce professionals such as divorce coaches, financial neutrals, and…

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