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The Collaborative Process Offers LGBTQ Clients More Support

Historically LGBTQ people have not been recognized by the court system nor treated well by the judicial system when recognized. Even though same-sex couples can marry today, many are still hesitant to go to court when getting a divorce. The collaborative divorce process can assist these couples by keeping them out of a courtroom. Many […]

Making Decisions about Support in Collaborative Divorce Cases

Couples experiencing divorce have many questions – often regarding money and specifically the amount of child support and/or spousal support to be paid. In the collaborative process, the Professional Team will assist the couple in a variety of ways, including itemizing expenses for two households and understand and exploring all available income sources. Although a […]

An Explanation of Collaborative Divorce

We welcome Christian Denmon, Founding Partner , Denmon & Denmon, in Tampa Bay, Florida, as our guest blogger: If you aren’t getting along with your spouse or no longer care for them, it is time to take action. A traditional divorce might not be ideal for your unique situation. An Explanation of Collaborative Divorce A collaborative divorce […]