Building Trust During Divorce: A Comprehensive Guide

By Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D. I had the pleasure of speaking at the CPCal Celebration in April this year titled ‘Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Divorce.’     Building trust at the CPCAL conference was the topic of my discussion when I participated in a panel on stage. I emphasized the importance of transparency, consistency, follow-through,…

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How Do You Know Your Marriage Is Over?

a couple sitting apart looking upset

Marriage often begins with dreams of forever, but sometimes reality takes a different turn. It can be challenging to recognize when your marriage has reached its end, but here are some signs that can help guide your understanding: Some signs may be: Constantly fantasizing about leaving Feeling overwhelmed by marital negativity Being unable to communicate…

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Why Collaborative Family Law?

By Emily F. Robinson When I started working in family law, I wanted to help people get through a difficult time in their lives.  But I saw what litigation does to people, and most of the time, it is not helpful long-term to them emotionally, financially and certainly not helpful to their family.  It’s much…

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Kids Prefer Parents To Break Up If They’re Unhappy

Kids watching parents argue

Divorce is tough, especially when kids are caught in the middle. Often, their feelings get overlooked in the chaos of separation and divorce. Surprisingly, a recent study uncovered that more than 80% of teens from separated families prefer their parents to part ways if they’re unhappy, but their voices are often drowned out in the…

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