How to Share the Holidays with the Kids When Going Through a Divorce

Children opening presents on the holidays

With a bit of planning and cooperation, it is possible to navigate the holidays in a way that benefits everyone involved, especially your children.

Here are some strategies that could be helpful for your family:

One of the most effective strategies for shared parenting during the holidays is to split the day. This means dividing the holiday, allowing each parent to spend part of the day with the children.

Another approach is to alternate holidays each year. This provides a fair distribution of holiday time for both parents and ensures that everyone can celebrate special occasions with the children.

Work together to decide on an alternate day for a special celebration. This allows both parents to partake in holiday festivities without conflicting schedules and helps create a sense of togetherness.

Spending the holiday together as a family might be viable, especially if both parents can maintain a cooperative and amicable atmosphere. This can provide a sense of stability.

Maintaining a consistent parenting schedule during the holidays can offer stability for the children. Stick to the routine, incorporating holiday traditions as part of the normal parenting time.

Dividing the school breaks can also be a practical approach. Each parent can have quality time with the children during different parts of the holiday season, ensuring a fair distribution of holiday experiences.

Agreeing on specific holidays that remain constant for each parent annually can provide predictability for the children.

In a collaborative divorce setting, where cooperation is prioritized over courtroom battles, these solutions become even more accessible, fostering a more amicable environment during the festivities.

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