FREE Divorce Conversation with our Guest Speaker, Darlene Wanger

Join us for our next FREE Divorce Conversation, July 30.  Our guest speaker is Darlene Wanger.

Darlene will be speaking on the topic of Parental Alienation: A Legal Perspective on What it is and How to Address it.

The discussion will be on how parental alienation is defined and how to determine whether a child is alienated versus estranged as well as strategies on how to address parental alienation in court, and most importantly, discuss how parents can best avoid their child from becoming alienated after a divorce or break-up.

Darlene Wanger is a partner at Kaplan | Wanger LLP a boutique family law firm in Century City, California.  She has exclusively practiced family law for more than 18 years.  Darlene started her career representing survivors of domestic violence in restraining order hearings, and divorce and paternity matters, and she continues to strongly advocate for survivors of domestic abuse. Darlene specializes in complex child custody matters, including cases where there is parental alienation, substance abuse issues, mental health issues, or children with special needs. She also has expertise in complex financial matters, and working with experts, including forensic accountants, is an essential component of Darlene’s practice.

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