What is Co-Parenting and Why Does It Matter in My Divorce?

[original blog by Jami Fosgate; comment by James Walton, Ph.D.]

This is a very insightful blog by Ms. Fosgate.  Divorce does not cause the end of a family.  High conflict is the cause of ending the family.  Instead, divorce can be a restructuring of the family and learning to co-parent with each other is the cornerstone of peaceful restructuring.  Ms. Fosgate offers some effective insights on how to achieve more peaceful co-parenting.

When you end your relationship with the other parent it does not end the importance of raising your children as Co-Parents.

A child is not a piece of furniture or the TV that one of you can keep and the other one can just buy a new one. The emotional upheaval of a divorce can cloud your thinking. Feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, and revenge can cause either parent to think that one parent should have the child and the other one needs to leave the child’s life. That is not healthy for your child. Your child needs both parents. Counseling can help you manage your feelings about the end of this relationship with the other parent and help you separate your feelings over the end of the relationship from your continuing role as a parent.

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