FREE Divorce Conversation with our Guest Speaker, Darlene Wanger

Join us for our next FREE Divorce Conversation, July 30.  Our guest speaker is Darlene Wanger. Darlene will be speaking on the topic of Parental Alienation: A Legal Perspective on What it is and How to Address it. The discussion will be on how parental alienation is defined and how to determine whether a child…

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Be Aware of Your Child’s Feelings When Going Through a Divorce

When a couple decides to start the divorce process, there are so many things to consider, and the most important thing that factors into this process is the children. Yes, children are resilient, but what they experience through being strong will often live forever in their minds – “the good, the bad and the ugly.”…

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (“ACEs”)

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How resilient are children when they are dealing with or dealt with a high-conflict divorce? Maybe not as resilient as some parents think. There could be a long-term negative impact on the children of divorce battles. Potentially, the significant effects of a high-conflict divorce can stay with children through adulthood and potentially throughout their entire…

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