Tips for Divorced Parents on How to Split the Summer Holidays

Beach with thongs and starfish with sign that says summer holiday schedule.

Coordinating summer activities can be challenging when you share custody of your children with your ex-spouse. There will always be schedule changes throughout your post-divorce life, but planning can help minimize them. Here are several tips we can share with you to help with your summer scheduling needs: Start early and take into consideration everyone’s…

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What is Nesting and Should We Do It During Divorce?

Father, Mother, and child under roof

As you both think about your future post-divorce, you may be concerned about how the two of you will parent your children in separate households – what will that look like, and is it possible to co-parent effectively in your situation? When you choose the collaborative divorce process, both you and your children will be…

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FREE Divorce Conversation with our Guest Speaker, Darlene Wanger

Join us for our next FREE Divorce Conversation, July 30.  Our guest speaker is Darlene Wanger. Darlene will be speaking on the topic of Parental Alienation: A Legal Perspective on What it is and How to Address it. The discussion will be on how parental alienation is defined and how to determine whether a child…

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