Alison Spirito Appears in Los Angeles Lawyer’s Magazine

Alison Spirito, LACFLA member and LACBA board member, was recently published in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine. Her thoughtful article suggests that millennial attorneys searching for their legal specialty may find a good fit in family law, specifically in mediation and collaborative divorce, which are consensual dispute resolution processes. Millennials may be attracted to the problem solving and creative thinking aspects required, as well as the positive impact on the families involved, since the goal of consensual dispute resolution is to facilitate private, sensitive, and efficient divorces where the good of the whole family is prioritized. Further, this work often offers flexibility regarding work schedule and location.

“… One of the most meaningful practice areas for attorneys, family law is rooted in relationships, children, love, loss, and goals for the future. Its practitioners help people through some of the most difficult times of their lives. The opportunity to see tangible results for clients will resonate with a lot of millennial lawyers since they are highly concerned with the ethics and social responsibility of the products and services they consume. Divorcing people in the most dignified, cost-effective, and peaceful way possible is socially responsible.”

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Alison Spirito
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