Updating Your Estate Plan After Divorce

Estate Planning Documents

Once you and your spouse sign a divorce agreement using the collaborative divorce process, there will still be a few loose ends that need to be finalized, and updating your estate plan is an important step to complete. Thinking about how your investments will be treated after your passing may not be a comfortable process.…

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What Are the Steps to a Collaborative Divorce?

Husband and Wives hands folded on top of a divorce decree.

Collaborative divorce is a holistic process that could be cost-effective and less time-consuming and dissolve your marital union amicably and peacefully. When couples opt for a court divorce, it is often highly contentious, costly, emotionally charged and not to mention time-consuming. This divorce process can publicly expose sensitive family information, such as financial or emotional…

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What is Traditional Mediation?

Puzzle with puzzle piece that says mediation

A litigated divorce court process is adversarial and filled with tension, distress, time and a great deal of expense to all involved. It often leaves the family unit in tatters. When you choose a collaborative divorce or the traditional mediation process, you and your spouse can resolve your differences amicably and peacefully, which will leave…

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How The Collaborative Divorce Process Works and Its Benefits

Couple talking to divorce lawyer

When the time has come to begin divorce proceedings, hopefully you and your spouse will research the various options available and select a process that helps finalize your divorce quickly, fairly, and in the most harmonious way, minimizing damage to your family. The Collaborative divorce process offers a great option to meet the needs of…

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