Elevated Mediation From A Financial Expert’s View

Financial neutral meeting with a divorce couple.

Not only can a divorce be draining emotionally, but it can be draining financially, too. But when you utilize the collaborative divorce process, you have access to a financial neutral who can help you develop a solid financial plan that will be mutually agreeable to both of you. Not only do you have access to…

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What You Should Know About Dividing Assets In A Divorce

Once you have decided that a divorce is, unfortunately, the best path forward, there is great turmoil and stress about how the assets will be divided. When you choose a collaborative divorce process, a neutral financial is part of the team of experts available to you to help each of you understand and untangle your…

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Be Aware of Your Child’s Feelings When Going Through a Divorce

When a couple decides to start the divorce process, there are so many things to consider, and the most important thing that factors into this process is the children. Yes, children are resilient, but what they experience through being strong will often live forever in their minds – “the good, the bad and the ugly.”…

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How to Guide Your Kids Through a Collaborative Divorce

When couples go through a traditional court divorce, children can easily be put aside due to the stress the parents go through. Children’s voices are not heard by the judge who makes the decisions about a parenting plan unless an attorney is appointed to represent the children or a child psychologist is appointed to conduct…

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Why Use a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Divorce

Divorce couple sitting in front of financial neutral.

When a couple chooses to dissolve their marriage using the collaborative divorce process, they work together with a team of experts to draft a mutually agreed-upon settlement. That team is comprised of an attorney for each spouse, a financial neutral, and mental health professional(s) to help the couple with communication, co-parenting issues, and perhaps a…

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