Why Do Elevated Mediation

elevated mediation disputeMost people know what mediation is, and most people who choose mediation do so because they want to pay less in costs and fees and avoid court battles as much as possible.

A mediator’s role is to facilitate communication and negotiation between spouses to reach a resolution.

A family law matter (matters such as divorce, legal separation, parentage, custody, and support) have at least four aspects including legal, financial, parentage, and communication issues.

Perhaps a mediator is skilled in all those aspects, however, he/she is probably not the most skilled in every area.

For effectiveness and efficiency, it is best to work with an expert who is neutral and does not take sides to resolve each area.

For example, with regard to financial matters such as support issues, business valuation, accounting for funds that belong to each spouse separately and funds that are community, a financial expert is the best person to help couples address those issues.

Because the financial expert is neutral and he/she will not take either side, both parties can trust and rely on the report provided by the expert.

The financial neutral asks for and looks at all relevant financial records and makes a report about each spouse’s income and helps the mediator and the spouses to come up with solutions related to the financial concerns involved.

With respect to co-parenting, custody, and visitation planning, a co-parenting expert can really help the couple communicate and resolve their differences regarding co-parenting.

An Elevated Mediation includes the mediator and other experts taking a neutral role to assist the mediator and the couple through the mediation, and it can make the process more effective and efficient by having the experts work together.

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