What is Elevated Mediation?

Attorney reviewing divorce document.

When you and your partner or spouse find yourselves heading down the divorce road, if handled correctly, mediation can work through your impasses in a timely and cost-effective manner without going to court. Mediation can be the perfect process for resolving divorce. It allows each client to be heard in a non-judgmental and neutral setting…

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Elevated Mediation from an Attorney’s View

Divorce professionals talking.

When you and your spouse decide that divorce is the best path forward, it’s hard to know what steps you need to take to dissolve your marriage. It’s so overwhelming. But when you both decide to utilize the collaborative divorce process, you will find that you have a team of experts working with both of…

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Why Do Elevated Mediation

Most people know what mediation is, and most people who choose mediation do so because they want to pay less in costs and fees and avoid court battles as much as possible. A mediator’s role is to facilitate communication and negotiation between spouses to reach a resolution. A family law matter (matters such as divorce,…

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5 Reasons Why Collaborative Divorce May be a Good Fit for You

Kevin Chroman of Family Divorce Solutions discusses the benefits of Collaborative Divorce which allows divorcing couples to proceed in a dignified manner, addressing issues such as child custody, support and alimony, division of property and all other aspects of divorce. Kevin has been in practice for over 15 years and has been a member of FDS…

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Family Divorce Solutions Member Lynette Berg Robe Honored With Prestigious Spencer Brandeis Award

fds members at prestigious spencer brandeis award

Lynette Berg Robe was honored with the 2016 Spencer Brandeis Award by the Los Angeles County Bar Association Family Law Section. This Award pays tribute to an individual who has had an extraordinary impact upon the advancement of family law by way of creative legal advocacy and commitment to the service of the family law community. It is the highest honor bestowed by the Los Angeles County Bar Association Family Law Section.

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