Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting a Divorce

Has divorcing your partner been weighing heavily on your heart and mind lately? Is your mind full of questions and second-guessing, all while running possible scenarios of how a separation would play out? All of these feelings and thoughts are completely normal to have, but before you decide to talk about getting divorced, there are…

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FREE Divorce Conversation with our Guest Speaker, Darlene Wanger

Join us for our next FREE Divorce Conversation, July 30.  Our guest speaker is Darlene Wanger. Darlene will be speaking on the topic of Parental Alienation: A Legal Perspective on What it is and How to Address it. The discussion will be on how parental alienation is defined and how to determine whether a child…

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How To Emotionally Get Through Your Divorce

Woman meditating on the beach

A divorce is one of the most stressful events in many people’s lives. Studies show that stress from a divorce can reach the heights of emotion often seen when someone passes away. But we are often asked, “Will I be able to settle my emotions and reduce my triggers in the long run?” If you…

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