How to Guide Your Kids Through a Collaborative Divorce

couple with son consulting divorce lawyer

When couples go through a traditional court divorce, children can easily be put aside due to the stress the parents go through. Children’s voices are not heard by the judge who makes the decisions about a parenting plan unless an attorney is appointed to represent the children or a child psychologist is appointed to conduct…

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More Than a Mommy and Daddy

C.P., a married woman, conceived a child with a co-worker (C.A.). Her husband learned that he was not the biological father but agreed to stay married and raise the child as his own. In addition, the married couple allowed the biological father to act as a parent by paying child support, attending the child’s medical…

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FDS Members Attend CPCal’s Conference April 2018

Some FDS members will present and most FDS members will attend the CPCal Conference in April. On April 27-29th 2018, Jami Fosgate and Kevin Chroman, along with other Family Divorce Solutions members, will be attending the 13th Annual Statewide Collaborative Professionals California Conference in San Mateo, California. On Fri morning, April 27th, Jami Fosgate, JD,…

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Steps To Build Yourself Up During the Divorce Process

Divorce Process Woodland Hills CA

Here are four steps you can use to build yourself up during this time and any time you are feeling less than stellar. 1. Be self-aware – Trust your intuition, reasoning and logic. This will help you get into the best possible mindset for problems you may be having. This way you are better prepared…

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