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Divorce can be a nightmare, draining people’s assets and creating bitterness and acrimony that can negatively affect them and their children for many years.  A decision to consult with and retain an experienced, intelligent, and compassionate family law attorney, such as Nora, can help you explore the best and most affordable options, tailored for your specific needs.

Nora has been practicing law for over 40 years in a variety of areas, including tax, estate planning, corporate law, and entertainment law.  Nora has interned for family law judges, volunteered extensively in family law clinics, been Of Counsel to family law litigator, and is a volunteer family law mediator through Los Angeles Superior Court.  She is dedicated to using the full array of her legal and life skills to help her clients resolve family law issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Nora received her undergraduate and master’s degrees from UCLA, and her Juris Doctor degree from UC Davis.  She was a tax attorney at a boutique law firm in Westwood, California, and then in-house counsel at Sony Entertainment for many years.  She raised two children, now successful adults, as a single parent. Nora is a trained family law mediator and collaborative divorce attorney and is experienced in negotiating and mediating prenuptial and post-marital agreements.

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