Barbara Irshay Zipperman

Barbara Irshay Zipperman is a family law attorney who has practiced in the field of family law exclusively for over 34 years. Barbara believes that whenever possible, the process of dissolving and restructuring a family should be accomplished in a peaceful and dignified manner through consensual dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law or mediation. With the use of her professional experience, she guides parties to be solution focused and explore options. Barbara has consistently assisted parties in achieving a settlement that works for the whole family as well as her clients. Barbara is committed to the process of Collaborative Law as a means to transform the dissolution process from an adversarial and position based process to a process with emphasis on negotiation and compromise based upon the best interest of her client and his/her family.

Barbara’s clients appreciate her compassion and sensitivity along with her ability to keep her eye on the big picture while not forgetting the details. She is practical in her approach and mindful of the cost of the process.

Barbara serves as a volunteer mediator/settlement officer for the Los Angeles Superior Court family law department. She also serves as a member of the State Bar Consensual Dispute Resolution Committee.

Barbara is Immediate Past President of Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley, and serves on the Executive Committee. Barbara is a member of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association and a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.