Anger Management

Anger is the emotion that is the most difficult to release. It is made worse by ruminating the angering thought over and over in the mind. This type of reflection can cause anger to exaggerate to the point where it feels out of control.  Join Dr. James Walton as he discusses Anger Management during a separation and/or divorce.




Join us for guest speaker Dr. James Walton

Dr. James Walton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, member of Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley

Dr. James Walton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


As a nationally recognized expert in the field of individual and couples therapy who trained at Psychological Services of Beverly Hills, Dr. Walton has been featured and quoted on numerous national television and radio programs. In addition, Dr. Walton is widely published and is the producer of the popular Dr. Walton Series.

In his private practice in Los Angeles, Dr. James E. Walton draws upon over 25 years’ experience in treating individuals, couples and families using both Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis.

He holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as, an MBA in International Management.





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