Mental Wellbeing While Getting Divorced

woman sitting on rock

When you find yourself divorcing, there is no doubt your emotional wellbeing is put to the test. One of the most significant benefits of using the collaborative divorce process for your marital resolution is that your entire family is supported by divorce coaches, mental health professionals and child life mental health specialists. Having these professionals…

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Elevated Mediation: Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professional talking with patient

When you find yourself getting ready to plunge yourself into a divorce, it’s hard to know which road to go down to get the best results, cost the least amount of money, time, and emotional turmoil for all involved. And when you choose the collaborative divorce process, these three goals can be accomplished because couples…

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According to the Webster Dictionary FORGIVENESS is: to pardon; to cease to bear resentment against, to cancel (as a debt). “Hanging on to resentment lets someone you have problems with live rent free in your head” (anonymous) For most people it is difficult to forgive someone for something that has been done which has hurt…

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