Elevated Mediation From A Financial Expert’s View

financial neutral meeting with a divorce couple

Not only can a divorce be draining emotionally, but it can be draining financially, too. But when you utilize the collaborative divorce process, you have access to a financial neutral who can help you develop a solid financial plan that will be mutually agreeable to both of you. Not only do you have access to…

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Why Use a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Divorce?

couple meeting with expert therapist

When a couple chooses to dissolve their marriage using the collaborative divorce process, they work together with a team of experts to draft a mutually agreed-upon settlement. That team is comprised of an attorney for each spouse, a financial neutral, and mental health professional(s) to help the couple with communication, co-parenting issues, and perhaps a…

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Do You Need A Financial Advisor When You Divorce?

businessmen working on financial papers

During this time of unrest and uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing you want is to go through the divorce process. Divorces are stressful enough, then you add COVID-19 to the mix, and the stress can easily overcome you emotionally and financially. But when you use a collaborative divorce process, both you…

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