The Importance of a Divorce Coach

Couple sitting in front of divorce coach

Often it’s hard for couples to understand when, where or why the communication lines broke down in their marriage. No matter when, how or why it occurred, it is important to find a way to open the lines of communication again. It is a vital step that needs to occur to keep the family unit…

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Isolating with a Partner During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In March, our entire world turned upside down due to the novel coronavirus. It wasn’t very long until couples who were in the process of separating, leaving or divorcing their partner quickly discovered that quarantining together had many unforeseen pitfalls. As a dispute divorce coach and mental health mediator, here are a few suggestions that…

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Managing High Conflict During a Divorce

woman and man looking unhappy

Conflict of any kind can be painful and anxiety causing. However, when the conflict involves your spouse, it can be especially painful and disruptive. When the conflict reaches the level of being high conflict the children, other family members and friends are affected. If high conflict occurs during a divorce, it can bring negotiations to a…

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The Thistles In Our Collaborative Divorce Garden

flower thorns

In Collaborative Divorce, the attorney’s job is not to undermine opposing counsel, their clients, or their positions. Rather, the lawyer tries to empower his or her own client and foster an environment where everyone including the other spouse can express themselves and reach a settlement in a healthy way.

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Avoid Self-Justification For A Smoother Divorce

divorce stress communication

Avoid Self-Justification For A Smoother Divorce by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D., LMFT, North Hollywood, California The majority of couples who end up getting divorced experience a gradual drift away from each other over the course of their relationship. It usually comes on slowly and gradually through a pattern of blaming the other and…

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