Lynda Schauer, CPA, CVA | CGMA threeboxes01

Lynda brings over 24 years of experience of accounting in both public and private industries. As a
Forensic CPA, Lynda opened her own firm in April 2020 and provides the courts and family law
attorneys conclusions for the financial issues in a marital dissolution. The financial analysis often
includes both business and personal records to determine income available, valuation of business interests and the characterization of separate and community assets. Evaluating this information includes analysis of perquisites and the marital lifestyle. She makes sure to be accessible to her clients and gives her full attention to the issues surrounding each case. Clients appreciate her knowledge and compassion which gives them support, guidance and understanding to help them through the process. She focuses on the cost vs. benefit, always making sure the client’s expectations are understood and addressed. Lynda’s personal and professional experiences give her a unique perspective as she maintains professionalism, quality and patience while providing outstanding services to her clients.

 Lynda Schauer Forensic CPA & Associates

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