Collaborative Divorce Attorney Altadena California

altadena california google mapSettling divorce can be painful, complicated, and irritating, especially when settlements are in question. It is not uncommon for a couple to enter into a contested divorce when one of the spouses refuses to file for divorce. Collaborative divorce attorneys help both parties to settle a friendly divorce without the need to go to court due to the time and costs involved in going to court.

Divorce Through Collaborative Divorce Professional

The Family Divorce Solutions‘ collaborative divorce process is one of the most common choices for divorcing partners in Altadena, California, who wish to avoid the courtroom to settle their divorce agreement. Under collaborative law, both parties can employ an attorney to defend their respective interests. Collaborative law, in contrast to mediation, empowers each party with a thorough and highly effective legal advisor rather than having a single neutral party. Neither side may suggest a court proceeding during this process. Both spouses must cooperate on alimony, welfare benefits, and guardianship to reach a mutually agreeable solution. Both attorneys are freed and no longer employed if the case progresses to the stage where one party intends to sue the other in court.

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There are many advantages to pursuing a collaborative divorce over a traditional divorce. The cost and duration of a collaborative, friendly divorce are comparatively lesser than a regular divorce. In the current judicial system, some disputes can drag on for years because of the overload of the system. Legal expenses and other expenditures for just one appearance in court can go into the thousands of dollars. Many parties may require these funds for retirement for their children.

When both parties want their own separate family law attorneys to represent them in court, collaborative practice is a smart option. If the parties can finally reach an agreement, the collaborative divorce attorney steps down, and the parties can hire litigation lawyers to take the case to court.

Why Choose a Collaborative Divorce Professional?

family divorce solutions mapA professional divorce attorney in Altadena, California, can help you achieve the desired results. We are a dedicated group of attorneys for collaborative, professional, friendly divorce, advocating for your better interests. Regardless of your situation, you can guarantee that we will do everything possible to defend your rights if you hire a professional California collaborative attorney from us. We are utterly committed to supporting our customers’ interests, and we’ll make every effort to secure your future. As we know how difficult divorce may be, we are more than willing to take any measures necessary to keep your rights and the well-being of your entire family.

In this method, each party employs a separate California collaborative divorce attorney who will investigate, educate them on their rights, obligations, and options, and negotiate on their behalf. The requirements of the whole family, primarily the needs of the children, are at the core of collaborative divorce in California. With collaborative divorce professionals at your side, the conflict will be reduced, allowing all family members to move forward with their lives positively.