Why Is a Business Valuation Important During a Divorce?

In this article, Warren Sacks’ firm of White Zuckerman Warsavasky Luna and Hunt posted a blog that talks about the importance of a Business Valuation while going through a divorce.  Even though business valuations are more typical during litigation, it is often helpful to have a valuation prepared while participating in mediation and/or collaborative divorce.…

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Tips for a Budget Friendly Holiday

When you are newly divorced, surviving and thriving during the holidays can be a monumental hill to climb. The holidays not only can be emotionally stressful, but they can also be financially overwhelming as well. Here are some suggestions we like to share with our clients to help them have a budget-friendly holiday: Use a…

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Resolve Your Trust and Estate Issues Without Going to Court

nest with golden egg

Resolve Your Trust and Estate Issues Without Going to Court by Douglas Rosner Law Office of Douglas Rosner, Westlake Village, California Do you have a dispute regarding trusts and estates? Why go to court? There is another way. Your family can choose to resolve your trust and estate dispute without going to court by utilizing…

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