Using Your Children as Leverage During a Divorce Is Harmful!

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Using Your Children as Leverage During a Divorce Is Harmful! - Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley - children of divorce, divorce, family law - Copyright: <a href="">bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Many times during a divorce, the “gloves come off” in ways you or your spouse never thought were possible. In strenuous times, people often do things they regret.  Unfortunately, in divorce, it is common to use children as leverage, no matter their age.

Some parents are not aware of the long-term, life-altering effects divorce can have on their children, regardless of how young or old they are. It is a well-known fact that trauma reshapes how the brain develops; one example is post-traumatic stress.

Sadly, divorce is often a life trauma in a child or teen’s world. It is even more unsettling when custody drags on due to disagreements between the parents who are separating – it leaves more doubt and anxiety for the children to deal with.

Emotions are running at an all-time high during a divorce or separation. Feelings are super-charged which can lead to harsh words or actions, and while this may be very understandable, the impact on the children can be mitigated. There’s a better way to get through this everchanging storm in your life without destroying your family unit.

The Collaborative Divorce Process looks at the whole picture of the impact a divorce will have for all involved, including the children, at each step: beginning, middle, end and future.

Family Divorce Solutions is a group of well respected, experienced, and trained attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals, and child specialists who work as a team to reach a complete and satisfactory resolution for everyone involved.

Contact us today to help you learn how the Collaborative Divorce Process can help preserve your family unit, not destroy it.

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