Top 3 Signs of an Effective, Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship

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It’ll take a ton of work for two people to reach the point in which it is possible to say their co-parenting relationship actually is going well. For the majority of families, there’s room for improvement. Though, instead of concentrating on what isn’t working, identify what’s going well in order for you to accentuate the positive.

The below signs are indicators of a productive and healthy co-parenting relationship. As you read on, consider what is already working for you, and areas you need to improve.

You Set Up Clear Boundaries

It’s a lot easier to work with each other as co-parents if you set up boundaries and realize what you have control over concerning your ex-husband or wife and your children.

However, it’s possible to control the example you are setting for your children regarding handling setbacks and disappointments.

You Set Up a Predetermined Routine

Time transitions are much more manageable for all parents involved when the routine represents a predetermined, solid regimen, instead of an iffy, “we will see” sort of arrangement.

Exes who have attained a healthy communication level recognize that they may count on the other person to keep her or his commitments unless something out of the ordinary requires a modification to the routine.

You’re Flexible

While routine is very healthy, it also is critical that you are flexible with each other. One healthy approach includes being as accommodating with your ex-spouse as you would like her or him to be with you.

Even if you think that the same courtesy might not be given back to you, showing the way you would like things to go between you may be a lot more effective than telling her or him over and over that the present arrangement displeases you or isn’t working.

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