The Financial Neutral in a Collaborative / Mediation Divorce

The collaborative financial neutral often hears from clients how they wish we would sort out, develop, and forecast their financial stability, financial strength and financial wealth.  They dissolve and branch into five (5) crucial areas of discussion:

  1. The amount of monthly cash flow available to receive from or to pay towards child support and/or spousal support;
  2. The costs of paying for children schooling and tuition, fees for after-school activities and sports, and transportation or added-vehicle costs;
  3. Determining whether to sell or work out whether you can afford to keep the family residence;
  4. Ability to acquire or keep necessary health/medical insurance coverage; and,
  5. Retaining or getting an adequate amount of retirement.

Clients may decide to work one-on-one with the collaborative financial neutral because each area of discussion centers around money and possible budgetary constraints.  On the other hand, we collaborative financial neutrals often recommend that our clients speak realistically about their feelings and goals by allowing, inviting, and having, their other collaborative Team professionals join in.

By working together as a cohesive team, we can discuss with our Client to focus on the many different scenarios and opportunities they have in greater detail.  The mental health coach can hear the client’s voice of financial fear and worry and address their fear of losing out, and the collaborative attorney can hear and establish what the client’s financial “interests” are and address it with realistic certainty.

Steven is a member of Family Divorce Solutions and promotes collaborative / mediation divorce as a more peaceful way for a dissolution of marriage.

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