Including a Financial Neutral in Your Collaborative Divorce Process

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FDS members Warren Sacks, CPA, CFF and Stephanie Maloney, CFP ®, CDFA ™ Discuss Their Role at Los Angeles Conference

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Couples considering divorce are often surprised to learn they have process options other than going to court. In the Collaborative Divorce process, couples find real value in working with a team of professionals including attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals.

Family Divorce Solutions members Warren Sacks, CPA, CFF and Stephanie Maloney, CFP ®, CDFA ™ explain the important role of the financial professional in Collaborative Divorce at the upcoming Collaborative Practice California “Celebration 10” Conference in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 26, at 10:45 a.m.

A collaboratively trained neutral financial specialist gathers financial information, so couples have informed consent when choosing from the financial options that meet their goals and interests.

The Collaborative Divorce process highlights each professional’s specific education, training and experience to provide answers to the questions that a divorcing couple may ask. Divorce, separation, child custody (parenting), support, and the division of property often create challenging emotional, financial issues for the couples. These are best resolved using the interdisciplinary Collaborative Team approach.

In their workshop, Sacks and Maloney will define the role of the financial specialist; compare and contrast the different work provided by financial neutrals; and discuss how commonly used financial reports and concepts are used in the collaborative process.

“It is vitally important for clients to have access to accurate, understandable financial information in every divorce case,” said Sacks. “There are tremendous advantages to the Collaborative process. In our workshop we will elaborate on our role and why having one neutral financial as part of a Collaborative team is of such value to the couple during this traumatic time,” said Sacks.

“Collaborative Divorce encourages creative problem solving, and engages the strengths of all the Collaborative team members and the parents to achieve the resolution most suitable for the family,” said Maloney.

All Collaborative professionals who are members of Family Divorce Solutions have received training in the Collaborative process and have experience in helping divorcing couples. Choosing members of your Collaborative team is normally made early in the process, and is based on the parties’ unique challenges and issues.

Ten years ago, Collaborative Practice professionals in California established a statewide organization of Collaborative Practice groups, called Collaborative Practice California. (CP Cal). It is one of the largest Collaborative Practice organizations in the United States.

See the full schedule of conference speakers and sessions here. All sessions are open to credentialed news media. Please contact Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, Falcon Valley Group, for access information at [email protected]

For additional Celebration 10 information, contact Celebration 10 Conference Coordinator Paula Jackson at 
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