Giving Up Your Job for Family and then Facing Divorce Proceedings

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Women are the most likely to give up their successful careers to take care of their kids or move to accommodate the better career prospects of their husbands. They give up their promising careers and when they get divorced, they have nothing to fall back on.

When there is a marriage split, most times these women will need to go back to work. This is where the sacrifices made by you staying home for family can be challenging. If you are getting divorced and haven’t worked for the past decade, you may find it difficult to get a job.

Women who gave up financial independence for raising children can be hit hard when they face divorce proceedings and may find their financial future at risk.

Divorce is a daunting prospect even for the most financially secure couples; it is not just the cost of the divorce proceedings but the aftermath that can take a toll. Without the proper financial advice, decisions can be made that are financially disadvantageous for one person over the other.

Seeing the Whole Financial Picture

When faced with a divorce, a collaborative divorce is the best solution for dissolving the marriage in a peaceful and respectful manner – which includes looking at all decisions surrounding the financial future of both the mother and the father.  If one spouse has given up a career to care for the children, this is taken into account by looking at the entire financial situation of the marriage and educating the person who may not have been as involved in the finances during the marriage.

A collaborative divorce consists of an entire team created by the individual needs of the couple divorcing. Each spouse has their own attorney, a shared financial neutral to review all of the finances and give advice for future finances, and one or two divorce coaches to improve communication, break impasses and move the process forward constructively.  A child specialist may be added to the team if requested.

If one spouse has been out of the workforce for several years, learning new skills and getting back into the workforce may be a necessity.  Discussing all options with a divorce coach may help guide the couple with making the best decisions in this regard after having a full financial picture from the financial neutral.

Generating their Own Income

Women getting back into the workforce can be excited as they are able to generate their own income again. Financial independence enables them to pursue their dreams and aspirations, as well as be able to financially provide for themselves and their family.

If you are considering divorce, contact Family Divorce Solutions and talk to someone about collaborative divorce.


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