Do I Need a Shark to Represent Me in My Divorce Case?

Judge Gavel divorce case

There are different scenarios that lead up to a divorce that will make you feel wronged and perhaps even feel as if you want revenge against your spouse.

As Ken Harvey explains in his blog, since CA is a no-fault divorce state, “marital fault is not relevant to the common issues found in divorce cases.”  So what purpose would hiring a “shark” serve you?

Not only is it important for YOU to move forward after the divorce and have a good post-divorce relationship, but in addition, if you choose not to litigate you most likely will save costs.

In addition, in litigation, a judge will end up making the decisions instead of you and your spouse.  So what type of attorney do you want representing you in your divorce?

Ken Harvey, a very well respected, experienced family law attorney explains more in the following blog.

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