Collaborative Divorce – Is It An Option?

Options for a collaborative divorce

It is a sad fact when a marriage reaches irreconcilable differences.  It is better when even though a divorce is inevitable, the clients both agree to make the entire process smooth, cost effective and with as little emotional strain as possible.

This is when a collaborative divorce is an ideal choice for both clients.  Here are the top five reasons why collaborative divorce is an excellent solution to an unfortunate incident.

  1. The clients want to remain friendly – Often times a divorce just comes out of two people who see themselves better as friends than as a married couple. This is perfectly acceptable and makes an ideal situation for a collaborative divorce. This way, both clients work together towards the best possible outcome for all elements of the marriage – including their children.  Collaboration keeps the lines of communication open and works for the best interest of the children and their activities.
  2. Private people can stay private – Most litigation, unless sealed by the court, are open to the public. This includes all financial information, personal information and lots of other facts that some people would prefer to keep silent and private. Collaborative divorces keep private issues private, and none of the testimonies and cross examinations are recorded. Paperwork is an absolute minimum as required by law.
  3. Best of both worlds – There are two attorneys for each client. In the collaborative divorce process, the couple is in connection with other professionals like Communication/Divorce Specialists, neutral financial advisors and other specialists of divorce. Couples in the collaborative process will not even go to court.  All agreements are arrived at in a relaxed, comfortable setting outside of a courthouse.
  4. Move on quickly – Divorces can take time. Collaborative divorces set the best timetables based on the clients’ common needs. In litigated divorces, the Court sets your times, dates and when they happen. There are often no stays or delays.  It is a ready or not situation with a litigated divorce.
  5. Litigation – There is no threat of lawyer on lawyer. The stress is minimal. Both clients can leave and move on with their lives in short time.

If you and your spouse are finding married life to be undesirable, contact us at Family Divorce Solutions for a potential answer to your divorce.  We can help make the situation much smoother and better for all involved.

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