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celebrity elegant home chatsworthChatsworth is a popular neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley northwestern region of Los Angeles. The town is 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It is made famous by many Hollywood stars and celebrities building homes and ranches in the area.

Chatsworth was home to Native Americans. From natural attractions to historical monuments, entertainment to adventurous activities there are several things that you can see and do in Chatsworth.

Things to See and Do in Chatsworth

State Historic Parks and Trails

  • Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park

The park offers larger undisturbed landscapes and different varieties of plant life that families can choose to explore. The historic area has many recreational activities that include hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking.

The interpretive trails are restricted to only foot traffic and hiking. Horse riding is not allowed on these trails. Hikers will be able to see diverse wildlife (bobcats, mule deer, gray foxes, coyotes, and ringtails) at the park.

  • Stoney Point Park

The 76-acre park features caves, rocky outcroppings, hiking trails, and bridle paths. The park is a popular destination for rock climbers, equestrians, and hikers. The trails offer scenic views and it is accessible all year around.

  • Garden of the Gods

The twenty-acre park is located in the northwest corner of Chatsworth. Easy hiking trails provide a good view of the numerous rock formations and valley.

  • Corriganville Park

The Western-themed tourist attraction is a 246-acre park that offers five trails. The park was a working film studio for outdoor location shooting. The park has several signs and descriptions of filming locations.

The hiking trails provide dramatic rock formation views. The park has many vistas and sites that were seen in many popular movies and television westerns.

  • Chatsworth Park North

The 20 acres park is home to football, baseball, and outdoor basketball fields. Jogging path, hiking trails, and children’s play area makes it a popular tourist attraction.

  • Chatsworth Park South

The 100 acres rocky landmark has miles of hiking trails, jogging, horseback, and bouldering outcrops. This makes it one of the popular hiking destinations in Chatsworth.


  • Valley Relics Museum

The pop culture museum features art, books, classic cars, vintage BMX bicycles, neon signs, postcards, rare documents, restaurant menus, western clothing, yearbooks, and much more.

The vast collection of artifacts at the museum represent the San Fernando Valley and its surrounding areas.

Retro Fun

  • Royce's Arcade Warehouse

If you want to experience the biggest retro arcade in Los Angeles then this is the place to be. It is one of the most popular and coveted family destinations in LA.

Historical Landmark

  • Chatsworth Calera Site

The Calera site is one of the few surviving structures of the 19th-century lime industry. The historical landmark is located on private land and visitors will be able to see the structures from a distance.

Bars and Restaurants

  • Cowboy Palace Saloon

The Cowboy Palace Saloon is one of the most popular bars in California. Country music, free barbecues, and cold drinks make it one of the most popular choices of tourists in Los Angeles.

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