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Map of BurbankA lot of folks think of Hollywood when they imagine the American film industry, yet actually most of the action occurs a bit further away in nearby Burbank. Let us explore the top things to do inside Burbank:

  • Magnolia Park

The park actually can be a misleading reference for this district that’s really based around the primary artery of Magnolia Blvd.

Magnolia Park, more of a shopping area and less of a park area, is notorious for its vintage clothing shops.

If you’re a fan of old style films and want some 50s clothing of your own, you’re certain to find it there.

In addition to shopping, there also are events that are held here all throughout the year like live music nights.

Additionally, there also is a solid cafe and browsing culture there and it’s possible to discover coffee shops and quirky boutiques scattered around the community.

  • Flappers Comedy Club

For the ones who want some laughs, Flappers Comedy Club offers the perfect place to find them.

A lot of famous comedians in America got their start there, and there are more than 40 stand-up comedy shows per week to choose from.

In addition to a show, it’s also possible to have drinks or dinner and most of the comedians additionally work as writers for a few of the most celebrated comedy shows in America like Letterman and Conan.

Because of this, know that you’re experiencing a bit of comedy gold there.

Also, surprise guests frequently drop by; therefore, you never know who’ll be in the house.

If you’re traveling with kids, there also are shows which are appropriate for kids named ‘Two Milk Kids’.

  • Burbank Farmer’s Market

The LA area is notorious for its farmer’s markets, yet Burbank Farmer’s Market is thought to be a cut above the rest of the other choices that you’ll find in the broader area.

Located behind Burbank City Hall, the market couldn’t be more centrally situated, yet still has a small town tone, and vendors there come from everywhere to sell their goods.

That means it’s possible to sample some of the top produce in the area from as far away as San Francisco or San Diego.

Baked items from Burbank area bakeries also are strongly represented there and are stated to be a spotlight of the market.

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